DrPhone CozyFlame PTC Verwarmer - 3D Simulatie - Elektrische Vuurhaard- 1500W - Elektrische Haard - Heather

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DrPhone CozyFlame PTC Heater - 3D Simulation - Electric Fireplace - 1500W - Electric Fireplace - Heather







Discover the DrPhone CozyFlame: A Revolutionary 3D Small Stove with Electric Firebox!

Do you want to quickly enjoy a warm, cozy atmosphere in your home? The DrPhone CozyFlame is the solution! With its advanced 3D technology and powerful 1500W power, this small stove immediately brings warmth and an enchanting fire experience to any room.

Please note: This heater is not a replacement. It is an extra addition to warm up a room of 10 square meters. Think of a normal office space where you place the heather on your desk and warm up your environment and yourself with a nice atmospheric effect.


  1. Super-fast Heat: In just 2 seconds you will feel the pleasant warmth of the DrPhone CozyFlame, so you can immediately relax.

  2. Efficient Heat Distribution: Thanks to the 3D technology, the heat is distributed evenly, so you enjoy a comfortable temperature in your room, office, etc.

  3. Powerful 1500W Performance: Despite its compact size, this small heater delivers an impressive 1500W of power, making it suitable for even the coldest days.

  4. Overheating protection: Safety comes first. The DrPhone CozyFlame is equipped with an advanced safety system that automatically switches off in the event of overheating.

  5. Electric Fireplace: Enjoy the coziness of a real fire without the hassle of wood or smoke. The electric firebox creates an authentic and relaxing atmosphere.

Treat yourself and your home with the warmth and atmosphere you deserve. Choose the DrPhone CozyFlame and transform any space into a comfortable sanctuary, ready to embrace you with warmth and style.

Order today and enjoy the magic of the DrPhone CozyFlame soon!

Please note:
- Not suitable for children / Keep away from children
- Do not place objects such as blankets over the heater.

Specifications :
- Color: Black
- Model: PTC-1500A 1
- Power: 1500W
- Voltage: 220-240 50/60 Hz 

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